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Let's burn right.

And work together for cleaner air.

Burning wood efficiently has significant benefits. It saves money, chimneys are cleaner and emissions are minimised. With a little knowledge, almost everyone with a fire can make a significant personal difference.

how to get it right

Why burn right

How we can help

You can learn a lot about burning right and minimising pollution on this site, but we can’t see your house, or your chimney, your fire or your fuel. We can’t see what comes down your chimney when it’s swept or ask questions about how you operate the fire – e.g. stove controls. These are all important for cleaner efficient burning.

So, for a truly bespoke service, ask your local professional chimney sweep to run through what’s important for your situation. They can inspect the chimney and the fire and check the fuel. Looking at what comes down your chimney, they can tell if the fuel has been burning efficiently and cleanly. They will provide excellent advice on cleaner burning and once you Burnright, you’ll never look back.

All this can be achieved in a few extra minutes as part of a regular chimney sweeping visit.

Reduce emissions

Save fuel – save money

Reduce soot and tar deposits for a safer chimney

Stoves and chimneys last longer

True or False

Can you spot the fact from fiction when it comes to wood burning and fire facts?

The glass on my stove goes should not go black and sooty

true Blackened glass usually means you are not burning the wood hot enough. Ask your local professional sweep to show you how to control your stove.

The shape and size of logs make a difference to heat given off

true All types of wood give about the same heat energy per kilo but shape and size will make a difference. Logs that are 5-6 inches / 125 – 150mm wide will give the best results.

Burning pine or softwoods on my fire is bad for the chimney

false It’s just not true, all wood is bad for the chimney if wet or if it’s not burned hot enough. Burn it at a reasonable temperature and you won’t have problems. A stove thermometer is cheap and will help you.

I’ve had a chimney fire so I don’t need it swept this year

false You need to have it professionally inspected before it is used again. If there has been some damage, another chimney fire could cause a disaster.

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