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Woodburning Multi-fuel stoves:  

If you want to burn wood in a stove within a smokeless zone, the stove must be what is called an ‘Exempt Appliance’, sometimes called ‘Defra Exempt’. This means the stove can burn the wood cleanly (hot) enough to meet air quality requirements. 

Can I do better? Absolutely! Just because your stove meets requirements doesn’t mean you can’t do more to reduce unnecessary pollution. You can learn all about this in our ‘Advanced Woodburning’ section. Your local professional chimney sweep will have good advice. They can talk through what’s best for your personal situation and show you the simple steps that make a difference. 

Modern Ecodesign stoves are cleaner still. Your sweep can give great advice on the benefits of upgrading an older stove to a more efficient Ecodesign model.  If you’ve moved to a house in a smokeless zone, check the documentation to make sure the stove is exempt.  It’s a good idea to get the chimney swept anyway and you can ask your sweep about all the information on this site.  

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