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Meeting the Challenge: 

“To improve the burning efficiency of every solid fuel user and thereby reduce emissions”. 

Burnright focuses on the sweep as the most important source of information on cleaner burning. 

How to light your fire - step 4

Even though air quality is the best since records began in the 1970’s* every sweep knows we can do a lot better with domestic burning emissions, if only our customers understood more about what makes a difference when using their fires. Helping them understand brings them other benefits too and shines a professional (and profitable) light on the sweeps who engage in this way.  

To be successful, the campaign must: 

  • Provide the multimedia tools and resources required by professional sweeps to deliver the information to their customers. 
  • Effectively communicate practical guidance and education for sweeps seeking to help their customers burn right and reduce emissions. 
  • Raise the general awareness of the role of professional chimney sweeps with particular respect to improving air quality.  
  • Provide an engaging resource and communications ‘hub’ for consumers and trade alike. 
  • Improve and evolve all the above. 

It can be a challenge for sweeps and installers to deliver information on efficient burning and air quality issues to their customers. There are lots of questions and plenty of confusion. The multiple factors involved in efficient burning mean that solutions and advice need to be tailored to the individual customer situation. For example, the customer who needs advice on operating air controls doesn’t need the same information as someone with fuel issues or a chimney that has poor draw. Of course, it helps greatly it we can give consumers a grounding in ‘the basics’ as well as the specific stuff. 


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