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All the fun of the fair

06 August 2019


If you visit a country show or fair this summer it is increasingly likely you will see a stand with a chimney sweep or fire installer. Savvy sweeps  are sharpening up their promotion and marketing messages and taking advantage of the visitor numbers and relaxed atmosphere that a day at a show can offer.

The most savvy of all are using the Burnright marketing resources to help with consumer messages on efficient burning and air quality. They’re finding out just how easy it is to engage with visitors and drum up some serious business.

Professional sweep Darren Hallam has kindly shared his experience at a recent show in the North west of England.


Hi all,

My name is Darren, I’m the proprietor of “Fylde Coast Chimney Sweep”. I live, sweep and maintain solid fuel appliances across the Fylde District in the North West of England. It’s a beautiful region encompassing seaside towns as well as rural hamlets and villages further inland.

So! what is this article about?

Over the last year or so I have been promoting the Burnright campaign messages. Helping consumers get the best out of their appliances, whilst cutting down on harmful emissions and making savings on their fuel bills.

The fact that Burnright is working with DEFRA, show’s that this is a serious campaign. A campaign that all UK solid fuel appliance manufacturers, installers and sweeps should be aware of.

This is what got me interested.

We all know that many consumers don’t understand the problems of burning any old rubbish and what harmful emissions they put out into the atmosphere. In promoting ‘Burnright’ and talking through the campaign with my direct customers and issuing them the Burnright information booklet, I feel that I am helping to make a difference in communicating the clean air strategy.

A few weeks ago I decided to jump in to the deep end!. I took a traders stand at a large agricultural show in the North West England, This is a weekend show with approximately 20-25 thousand footfall.

Although very daunting, I had the confidence to contact Burnright for information, posters and statistics. I wanted to get the right messages to current solid fuel appliance users and to the general public at large.

At the show I had many conversations on myths about stove bans and stoves being the biggest source of air pollution. Luckily for me, I had a lot of information at hand and was able to dispel these myth’s.

With professional sweep training and being a member of the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps, I know that I have a lot of good advice at hand. The Guild is also a great advocate of the Burnright campaign.

Hints and tips for your show.

If you are thinking of doing a stand for your sweep business or promoting Burnright, drop them an email – Also, your professional sweep association will happily provide you with information. Finally, ask your local stove installer or supplier to be involved, show them the Burntight information and ask them to get on board with the campaign.
They may be able to help you with stock on your day.

For me, local company Stove Industry Supplies (SIS) were a great help and I was able to fill my stand with products that help consumers burn more cleanly and safely.

The satisfying thing for me was just being out there talking to people. Having the information from Burnright and the support from the wider suppliers and profession, I feel my stand had a definite impact.

As sweeps we mainly work independently, but collectively we can make a big difference by spreading the right messages and advising solid fuel consumers how to BurnRight.

Darren P Hallam
Fylde Coast Chimney Sweep

David Sudworth from the Burnright camnpaign said “More and more sweeps are putting themselves out there in public situations. It’s no surprise, they’ve got a lot to say. Darren contacted us and we directed him to some of the Burnright materials and the background statistics that helped make his show day a success.”

You can see more details and view the BurnRight resources at: Password for this page is simply burnright  



Darren’s stand and the Burnright A2 size poster


Useful Tools

A stove thermometer is a simple and effective way to check how well your stove is burning.

More useful tools

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