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Apics Sweeps welcome BurnRight

26 January 2019

APICS Chairman Ryan Metters and Lawson Wight from BurnRight at the meeting in Exeter


Chimney sweeps heaped praise on the Burnright campaign for its significant role in helping to lower emissions from solid fuel home fires.

Around 50 members of the Association of Professional Independent Chimney sweeps (APICS) gathered to hear an update from Burnright’s Lawson Wight at their general meeting in Exeter on Friday, January 18.

Lawson explained that the information about chimney sweeps published in Government’s Clean Air Strategy is very significant – saying “for the first time we’re being recognised as the professionals we are.”

The strategy singled out Burnright and Lawson discussed this in detail at the meeting.

Lawson explained: “It’s great to talk to a really knowledgeable audience. Many of the APICS members already have a good understanding of what a difference it makes to air quality when their customer understands how to use their fire and fuel efficiently.

“Some are already using the Burnright brochures and website to help their customers but for others it was a real eye opener. I think everyone now realises that that it’s the professional sweep that has the greatest influence on the customers burning habits and on showing them how to Burnright.

“The question and answer session is always the most useful and the most interesting part of the presentation. We all get to learn from each other’s personal experience. The short quiz at the end is a bit of fun and always helps fill in the gaps. Everyone widely agreed that when it comes to burning fires and stoves in our homes, the professional chimney sweep holds the key to improving efficiency and reducing emissions.”

APICS chairman Ryan Metters said: “Our members always appreciate the opportunity to learn more at our meetings. It was particularly good timing to have BurnRight here the same week as the Government launched their Clean Air Strategy.

“We would encourage all sweeps to join the campaign and use the Burnright tools to help their customers and therefore help themselves. There’s great information for sweeps on how to promote the campaign in the Trade Information section of the BurnRight website. The password for this section is burnright. Together we can make a big difference, one customer at a time”.

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