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Google loves BurnRight videos

25 March 2019

Google loves video on websites.

The BurnRight consumer videos are now available to buy and host on your own site. See Video Orders for details

BurnRight has created several excellent videos to help consumers understand how to use their appliances and fuels more efficiently, saving money and reducing unnecessary air pollution.

Video increases the professionalism and ranking of any website, bringing more viewers / more business. Educate and engage your customers / audience – giving them the right advice with our Burnright ‘Getting it Right’ video (£10.00) Show them how to save money and reduce pollution with “Useful tools” (£5.00) and educate them on how to test moisture in wood and the importance of dry wood with “Wet wood video” (£5.00)

Lawson Wight from the BurnRight campaign said “Send your customers / viewers to see these videos on your own website and you know they’ll be getting the right message.  The videos are top quality and very engaging for consumers. They are very moderately priced and all the profits go to fuel the BurnRight campaign”

Go to the Video Orders page for full details.


Useful Tools

A stove thermometer is a simple and effective way to check how well your stove is burning.

More useful tools

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